“Who Else Wants To Get Paid to Regain Your Youth?”

Sheep Placenta Supplement That Rewards You for Sharing With Others

Sheep Placenta supplements have been increasing in popularity, since they can help us look young and stay healthy. However, how often is it that we can get paid to take sheep placenta supplements?

Sheep placenta supplements will normally set you back by at least RM450 per bottle, but yet we all know we need to finish at least 1 bottle a month in order for it to take effect. As for actual Sheep Placenta injections, we all know how expensive, inconvenient and beyond-reach it can be…

Effective Sheep Placenta May Be Expensive or Affordable- You Must Know Where to Find It

Finding a good Sheep Placenta product is not easy- you must find a brand that is trustworthy, manufactured under strict guidelines and yet is affordable. In our busy schedules, trying out sheep placenta of different brands can be really time-consuming- and time is money.

Where Did All The Good, Affordable Sheep Placenta Go To?

We know that the main benefit of taking Sheep Placenta is the rich amount of nutrition it contains- enough to keep us energetic, healthy and youthful looking.

Many of us are also willing to pay, provided the Sheep Placenta would produce its promised benefits of youthfulness and good health. However, who wouldn’t appreciate finding a Sheep Placenta supplement that could provide all of the advertised benefit, yet is affordable, and also pays you for sharing with others?

Introducing 2nd Generation of Aunew Aucenta…

2nd generation Aucenta

4 extra benefits for you..

Aunew is a unique brand of Sheep Placenta supplements and other health products- it is produced in Australia and New Zealand, under the strictest quality guidelines. You can be assured that the product is of finest quality, having been certified by the food quality authority of New Zealand, certified as Halal by Islamic Food Research Centre Asia (IFRC), and classified as ‘food’ by Malaysian Ministry of Health.

The Sheep Placenta supplement contains high quality active ingredients which are crucial for cell regeneration and healing.

This active ingredient is extracted from placenta directly during embryonic stage of the sheep, and not from the placenta upon birth. Thus, Aunew Aucenta assures a premium quality product.

How to Get Your Miraculous-Yet-Affordable Sheep Placenta

Here is what you need to do:
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1) Register with Aunew for wholesaler’s price

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Distributor RegistrationFill in your details and correct delivery address. You can have it shipped anywhere in Malaysia (Freight charges waived for 5 boxes onwards)


Under Entry Package, select AG – Distributor (120PV). Aunew Aucenta comes in bulk packages too – Buy 5 free 1 & Buy 10 free 5.

Select your units and make payment using credit card (under paypal).

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Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves in providing 100% good quality products. If you want to get started consuming or distributing Aunew Sheep Placenta – sign up with us and you can get The Sheep Placenta That Pays!

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