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Aunew Aucenta

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2nd Generation Aucenta with 4 major strong antioxidant – grapeseed extract, marine collagen, lycopene & Coq10.

30 soft gel capsules in each bottle. Each soft gel contains 300mg of concentrated active material extracted from 30000mg of fresh sheep placenta (100:1).

Grapeseed extract – best antioxidant. 30x better than vitamins
Marine Collagen – good for bones, hair and joints
Lycopene – good for male prostate. Prevent cancer
Coq10 – known best to prevent heart attack in old ages

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Product Description

4 key technologies to make exctract of sheep placenta for storage and consumption.

1) Lyophilized Quick Freeze drying
Multiple recrytalization to remove water content for long-term storage.

2) Nanonization process.
Normal cells are too large to pass through the intestinal villi. This process nanonises the cells to smaller molecules for easier absorption and preserve the bioavailability of the cells.

3) Oxygen-Free Process
Oxygen gas is removed, whereas Nitrogen gas is filled making content in your sheep placenta capsule survive for long!

4) Enteric Coated capsule
This Enteric Coated capsule is able to withstand or resist the acid in stomach, to make sure 100% delivery of live cells in the alkaline intestine for immediate absoprtion.

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  1. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Not bad. Tried for 2 months now. Feels more energy

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