What is sheep placenta?

” It is the 21st century. Everyone is able to look younger and feel healthier now !! “

Sheep placenta consumption is a form of “Live Cell Therapy”. It was first invented as an injection by Swiss physician Dr. Paul Niehans in 1931.

Today, given the technology advancement, sheep placenta can be encapsulated in softgel capsule. It is a healthy food and advisable for daily consumption to slow down or reverse the process of aging.

Sheep placenta is the active materials extracted from the placenta of the sheep. Upon consumption, these young and vigorous placenta cells are absorbed by your body and travel to targeted organs where vital life force is imparted into old degenerating cells. These damaged cells are stimulated to repair themselves and to function with restored efficiency, taking on the characteristics of much younger and healthier cells. For you, this means your body ages slower and you retain the vigor and vitality of youth.